Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Five Things to Mention

1. I have been getting comments on my Facebook page about my blog postings. I appreciate that, I really do...but, I would prefer them on Calvinistic Cartoons. (or both) I spend very little time on Facebook, probably an average of fifteen or twenty minutes a week. I am glad for the new friendships made, so please don't take this wrong. Comments on CC seem a lot more "permanent" to me and help things move along. Comments here also prompt others to respond.

2. The Limerick contest is still on and will end soon and I am including in the winners prize packet a few of my tracts, a few of my blog cards, and a one hundred dollar bill from my Monopoly game.

3. Do you have heart trouble? Maybe an original love song will help. It's FREE! So take advantage of this musical offer at:

4. I have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT to make in please stay tuned!

5. This is just my own simple-minded survey. I would like to know what feature or type of humor you prefer at CC.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Eddie, I personally like the T & G cartoons best. I also like that in the recent past you have done a lot of contests. I really enjoy entering those and reading the entries of others. Then I also really enjoy the photoshopped pictures with your hilarious captions.

    Keep up the great work. :D

  2. Thanks Aaron...there will be another T&G right around the corner.

  3. If I had to pick my favorites, they would be Little Known Quotes, T&G, Today in Church History, Baklava Koos Koos, and the contests. I also agree with Aaron that the photoshopped pics are very funny.

    Your blog always gives me something to smile about. :-)

  4. August? You have an announcement, excuse me a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT, and you tell us about it in June? Are you at least going to give us clues along the way so we can try to guess?

    How about a weekly clue between now and then, sort of like a contest, but without any of us knowing if anybody figures it out until then.

    I especially like Baklava Koos Koos and the little known quotes. Actually I like them all and couldn't pick a favorite

  5. The T&G made me laugh so hard I thought I was slain in the spirit and had become a Pentecostal. The website is fine how it has been going IMO.

  6. John, "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" that is, when it comes to clues, I will not be able to do will understand why in August! (it'll be here before you know it) and thanks for your kindness.

  7. PM and Phil, your comments are always appreciated. My survey has worked...thanks to "you all". (I am from Texas y'know)

  8. I guess everyone has heard by now...YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have consolidated and will now be called, You Twit Face!


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