Monday, June 1, 2009

Limerick Contest

New contest! New certificate created! This time the winner will receive the original artwork of Chic & Gumbo. (the art I did of the two...I know it's not much, but you will be the only one on the planet who has it!) JUST REMEMBER TO MAKE YOUR LIMERICK THEOLOGICAL IN CONTENT - AND FUNNY! Here is an example sent in by Herbie Popnecker:

A Christian Scientist from Theale
said “I know that my pain is not real.

When I sit on a pin

and it punctures my skin
I dislike the illusion I feel.”

Winner will be announced on June 8th!


  1. Here is a poem sent in by Felix Keesh that is a good example of what is NOT a limerick:

    A young theologian name Fiddle
    Refused to accept his degree
    He said, "It's bad enough being Fiddle,
    Without being "Fiddle, D.D."

  2. The arminian looked at God's grace,
    and said with a pale face,
    "What a terrible thought
    that this could be wrought
    without a choice by me to embrace."

  3. Here is one from my Dad

    For the doctrine of sovereign election
    The Arminian has little affection
    He makes a big scene
    Quoting John 3:16
    But Romans 9 has escaped his detection.

  4. Eddie’s B.C. years were pocked with sin and grief.
    Mr. Death bid him tenebrous relief.
    But God’s angels intervened in a solitary night.
    And Jesus Christ granted Eddie new sight!
    Alive, he now serves the A.D. Chief.

  5. Here is one of my own

    The Aminian thought one day
    "In salvation I should have a say"
    Christ's salvation
    by my causation
    Gives me salvaion my way.

  6. Thanks revdrron for the nice words. I noticed you like "Yo-Yo Ma plays Ennio Morricone". Ennio is one of my favorites as well. I especially like the "Once Upon a Time in the West" of the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard. Is that included on his album?


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