Monday, June 22, 2009

The Calvin Quiz

CQ - The Code / The Questioning
In each of the five categories below find the one true statement.
And as John Calvin would say, "Chercher les indices secrets !"

1. The first book Calvin wrote was on an ancient philosopher.
2. Calvin wrote a fictional series entitled, "Anna Baptist - the Rebel Nun".
3. John Calvin used an Underwood typewriter for most of his manuscripts.
4. When Calvin moved to Geneva, he first became a reporter with The Geneva Daily Planet.
5. Writing every night for five years, Calvin finally completed his "Chronicles of Noyonarnia".

1. Calvin was buried at sea.
2. Unknown is his grave site.
3. John Calvin was frozen, then cremated. Sort of an ice cremation.
4. Calvin died in a hospital in Mentone, France.
5. The tombstone of John Calvin reads, "Here lies a man whose two lips spoke volumes."

1. Calvin had twelve brothers and eight sisters.
2. Sherlock Holmes is descendant of Calvin.
3. Like John Wesley, John Calvin had a brother named Charles.
4. Calvin's sister, Jean Calvin, helped in the invention of Calvin jeans.
5. John's grandparents died when they were children.

1. When Calvin was in Switzerland, he won a yodeling contest - two years in a row.
2. Calvin toured France with a traveling circus.
3. John started a Swiss bank account before his twentieth birthday
4. In the Swiss city of Geneva, Calvin was not granted citizenship until five years before his death.
5. The town of Lipton asked Calvin to become mayor in 1511.

1. Calvin's letters, if placed end to end, would reach to the sun and back.
2. John Calvin always drew a picture of a tulip at the end of each correspondence.
3. Calvin never wrote his mama.
4. John would send theological essays with his bill payments.
5. Pictured on Calvin's seal was a burning heart in a hand.


  1. Writing: 3
    Death: 3
    Family: 5 (personally, my favorite Calvin "fact")
    Citizen: 1 (to teach the two kingdoms, of course: Worship God with your voice through beautiful song in His Kingdom. Annoy the crap out of man with loud garble in theirs.)
    Letters: 4 (Ha!)

  2. Thanks for the "favorites"...but, in this quiz there is more than meets the eye! ...or eyes, depending on how many you might have. Look for clues.

  3. It's just like one of those Magic Eye 3D pictures from the 90s. If you stare at the quiz long enough, you see a tulip pop out!

  4. Got it, now. I didn't see it until just now. Cool.

  5. Very clever! And I learned a couple of things!

  6. A 2009 thing .. I too stared, not seeing anything .. sigh. Is it an acrostichon? (Where you have to take the first letters and read someting) Nope, not that. Well, I guess I'll never know .. Hope I can sleep well tonight.

    1. In the first set of answers #1 is the correct answer (it starts with "T")
      In the second, #2 is the correct one (it starts with "U")
      3 - L
      4 - I
      5 - P


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