Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tip for Bloggers

Want to promote your site? The most inexpensive way I have found (with the exception of just standing on the street corner and yelling) is to make yourself some "Blog Cards" like mine above. vistaprint.com offers 250 FREE business cards. All you do is pay the postage. (I don't work for them I am just happy with the results) They have several templates to choose from and they also offer other promotional items for free. You can't beat those prices!

Anyone have any more tips or suggestions?


  1. Ludloe Hobbinkanker writes:
    First, you get your own TV talk show.
    Second, you mention your blog at the end of each show.

  2. I have thought about starting an ad blog that has a link to my blog. I suppose I could rent out space for ads for others.... hmm... maybe I could retire early and pursue reading and commenting on Calvinistic Cartoons full-time.


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