Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baklava Koos Koos #10

As I sat down near the Bridge of Hominy at the outskirts of the town of Chutzpenik, my old friend, Hahmina-Hahmina Ben-Loafen, walked up to me with a look of wonder plastered on his face. I may have mentioned before that we attended the School of Prophets together, back in the day.
"Please, Baklava, interpret my dream! I do not understand what it means! I cannot get it out of my mind!"
"God willing, my friend, tell me what you have seen in your sleep," I said as I bit off a piece of meat from a roasted turkey leg.
"I met a little man in my dream. He said his name was Ephod Ben Hosen. He wanted me to meet his twin daughters. When I asked their names, he laughed.
"My daughters were womb-mates. Their names are Urim and Thummim. They have certain "gifts" and can impart them to whomever they please. Come with me." He laughed again and opened a door that suddenly appeared. He stepped through the door and motioned for me to follow.
"Do they possess the gift of prophecy?" I asked.
"No." He said and continued to walk up a hill.
I could see a small cottage in the distance.
"Do they have the gift of healing?"
"How about the gift of they have that?"
"You'll find out what kind of gifts soon pick up your speed!"
When we arrived at the cottage, Urim and Thummim came out, each with a colorful bag.
They were very beautiful and I could hardly speak because of the uphill climb.
"Here is a gift from my sister and a gift from me", they both said simultaneously, "Open them now."
In each bag was a plastic container used in households to contain food and keep it airtight. They said each container had a "burping seal" to insure that the food was locked safely away.
"I don't even know what "plastic" is, Baklava...can you interpret this dream for me?"
I looked Hahmina-Hahmina straight in the eyes, put my hand on his shoulder and said, "No, I have no idea."
I told my friend I would get back to him later. I am hoping someone out there has an interpretation.
Do you know what his odd dream could mean?

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  1. This dream you can file under, as Todd Friel would say, to much peporoni before bed.


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