Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wisdom from the Nelsons

Few may remember how heavy the theological content was on "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet". Here is an episode where little Ricky Nelson, at the time only seven, asks his dad about a hermenuetical concern he had when reading Scripture:

Ozzie and the boys are at breakfast. Harriet is at the stove.

HARRIET: And there's a couple more pancakes here, if you guys are ready.
DAVID: They sure do taste good, Mom.
RICKY: Yeah, they sure do, Mom.
OZZIE: Would you pass me the syrup, please, Rick?
DAVID: Boy, nobody can make pancakes like Mom.
RICKY: Nobody can eat like Pop.
OZZIE: Just a second, young fellow. Think you're doing pretty well yourself for such a little guy.
RICKY: I take after you, Pop! ...uh, I have a question from today's Bible lesson..
OZZIE: Well, son, I'm all ears! What's bothering you?
RICKY: It's about certain verses that seem to indicate that God changes His mind
OZZIE: It just seems that way because that portion of Scripture is written as a narrative! It's from a human perspective. Remember the little acronym I made so you could recall the principle?
RICKY: I guess I kinda forgot...
DAVID: I know what it is, Pop! "DON" ...like when you don a hat or baseball cap!
OZZIE: That's right! "DON" stands for "Didactic Over Narrative". When you read a passage that is narrative you interpret that passage with teaching, instructional, didactic passages...say, from the Book of James or Romans or Ephesians! God never changes His mind. The Bible clearly states that He never changes at all. He is immutable! So..."DON your thinking caps" when you read the Bible!
RICKY: Thanks Pop!
DAVID: You're the greatest!
OZZIE: Well, I don't know about that...
HARRIET: Well, John Calvin, you've got syrup on your tie!


  1. I was once told that the fancy theological word for that is anthropopathism. It's fun to say anyway.

  2. This post helped me. I am not a spammer, but I do eat Spam about once a month. They make it in different varieties now. Turkey Spam, Bacon Spam, Hot and Spicy Spam, Spam Cheese, Spam with Black Pepper, Hickory Smoked Spam, just no chocolate Spam yet. Thanks for the info, bro!

  3. You can't make a cool acronym from anthropopathism ~


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