Friday, June 19, 2009


Don't have many or any comments
on your blog?

Need comments that zing?

Now you can rent a commenter
for only $5 per day!!

Yes! For the low price of $5
you can receive comments like these:

"LOL - that was so funny I just choked on a
chicken enchilada with beans!"

"Your post was so moving and relevant!"

"More! More! MORE!"

"Pure 104% GENIUS!!"

"You have set my feet on the path of righteousness.
And for that my family and friends thank you."

"I was about to end it all when I came across your blog.
Now I have a job, my marriage has been restored and I can,
once again, enter one of your Caption Contests!"

"I never make comments on anything.
Even at home. But, your blog started me
thinking...maybe I will...just maybe I will."

Just send $5 for each day you want a comment!
Then sit back, and enjoy the ride!

Rent-a-Blog-Blabber makes a great gift
for a loved one who needs a little affirmation
because they have just started blogging!

Minimum order of 30 days required


  1. Well, I'll give you a comment for free!

    "Thank you for providing my daily smile, laugh, and/or guffaw. Yes, sometimes I guffaw. I'm a guffawer."

  2. That is one sweet computer case!

  3. I agree. Brilliant computer case. If I stare at it much longer, I may break the 10th commandment.

  4. This blog has changed my life!

    ...That'll be five bucks. :-D


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