Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little Known Quotes from the Wives of Spiritual Giants #2

"Charles, your beard full of bees doesn't scare me !"
- Mrs. C. H. Spurgeon

"Honey, why don't you write a book for the children!"
- Mrs. John Owen

"What would you like today…French toast, French bread or French fries?"
- Mrs. John Calvin

"Sweetheart, I hate to tell you this, but your jokes are lame-o."
- Mrs. Albert Mohler

"I am writing a cookbook. I am calling it 'A Hodgepodge of Sweet Treats'."
- Mrs. A. A. Hodge

"You have a tiny comb stuck in your beard!"
- Mrs. B. B. Warfield

"What in Heaven's name are you doing inside our wardrobe?"
- Mrs. C. S. Lewis

"Do you feel it necessary to use a chalkboard whenever we discuss our plans for the evening?"
- Mrs. R. C. Sproul

"Do you know you misspelled 'sovereignty' throughout your manuscript?"
- Mrs. A. W. Pink

"Yeah, your hair is starting to grow again on top!"
- Mrs. Martin Luther

"There is an Indian here to see you!"
- Mrs. Jonathan Edwards

"I tell you Lucy, I am weary of people calling me Mrs. WHITEfield!"
- Mrs. George Whitefield

"This year on your birthday, I plan on having your name and Spurgeon's on the cake!"
- Mrs. John MacArthur


  1. "What in Heaven's name are you doing inside our wardrobe?"
    - Mrs. C. S. Lewis

    I couldn't stop laughing at that one.
    All of them were very funny.

  2. I gotta agree with Aaron the C.S. Lewis quote is a "Classic".

  3. If I had to pick just one, it'd have been the Mrs. C.S. Lewis one. The others were funny too, though (loved the Mrs. R.C. Sproul one)!


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