Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ping Wu Found Missing!

Yesterday I noticed I had 164 followers (I prefer loyal fans) at Calvinistic Cartoons. Today - 163. I searched the files and noticed Ping Wu, pictured above, missing. Being concerned because of the recent hubbub with a recent photo taken (also pictured above on the monitor) I decided to investigate his sudden disappearance. I had a member of my Hong Kong staff go to his apartment. Everything was gone! The apartment looked like it had never been occupied. So far, there is not even a single clue...unless you count the fresh red paint on the wall that spelled " Take THAT Eddie Von Frankenstein!" The police think that it was just a prank for possibly Eddie Munster, who was visiting Hong Kong to promote his new movie, "A Sandwich for Algernon". If anyone knows anything about this mystery please write or call 555-555-5551. Thank you.


  1. Just now my fans went back up to 164. I looked into the files, once again, and found that the newest member is Ping We. Ping Wu is still missing. I'm off to Hong Kong people!

  2. As long as it's not Ping Pong we can live with 163 164!

  3. That's funny! At least Ping Pong would be a lot lighter than a giant gorilla if he decided to climb the Empire State Building!


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