Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where's Corky?


  1. I have seen him in Billings, MT outside of a fiercely committed Arminian Baptist Church where he attempted to interrupt a 17 verse chorus of Just As I Am while Pastor Joe You Preach it Preacher" Wiselacking was emotionally manipulating aisle walkers, I mean converts down the aisle. Corky was last heard bravely quoting John 6:44 while Deacon Sam "we have alwasyd one it this way" Loveless roughly escorted him out back.

  2. I heard a ham radio operator reporting a strange green round character crossing the "Badlands" near the Pinnacles Entrance on a horse near Wall, South Dakota. Some residents of Wall also reported on Facebook seeing a strangely clad fellow in their famous Wall Drug Store earlier, however, most just considered him as probably being from Montana and paid him no mind.

  3. There was an unconfirmed news report that a man in a green grenade costume was standing outside the 700 Club studio in Virginia Beach with a sign that read, "Yo, Pat! Prophecy This!"

  4. I found Corky!

    He's here in Africa!

    He's scared [of lions] - thinking about taking some photo's with Corky about town.


  5. Justin, that was a big surprise...and a big laugh!


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