Friday, February 5, 2010

Christian Influence


  1. Oh, my friend. I find that highly improbable. Let me just say that I have listened to J. Vernon McGee foah moah than 30 yeahs, don't ya know; and he has had no influence on mah speech or grammer, by the way.

    May God richly bless you, my beloved.

  2. My favorite J. Vernon , "Now Jacob was a momma's boy..."

  3. @ stranger -
    You captured him perfectly! Love it! I can actually hear his voice through the text!

  4. @ SamWise -
    My favorite J. Vernon quote is "My deah friends, let me just say this, the older I get, and I am a lot older than most of you, the more Calvinistic I get."
    You can't help but love that guy! I wonder if he will still have that southern drawl in Heaven!

  5. Gee Eddie, I don't remember that one.

    One of my favorites is from when he was going through Ephesians. Talking about election, he said:

    "Someone comes to me and says, 'Why do you tell everyone to come to Christ and receive forgiveness for their sins? What if I am not one of the elect? Then I can't come.' I just tell him, 'Oh, you can come. You can come to Christ and be forgiven.'"

    Then, with a twinkle in his voice he says, "But if you come,'re elect."

  6. That's even better! Mine wasn't an exact quote...I just remember it that way.

  7. My favorite J. Vernon quote is: "What we have heah is a fayeah to communicate."

    Er, what a minute... that wasn't him.

  8. When I did my pastoral internship, years ago, at a small church in central Iowa, there was an elderly man who would drive the pastor and me to nearly complete despair. Every Sunday, as he was leaving the church, shaking our hands, no matter whether Pastor Dave had preached or I had preached, he would say to us, "Good message, pastor, but it was no J. Vernon McGee." It used to make me despise McGee and I had never heard him.

    Now that I'm older and more mature, those kind of comments bring me a mixture of feelings:

    1. Sadness, that they felt the need to compare us
    2. Gladness, that they might listen to someone of McGee's caliber
    3. Motivation, to strive harder next week to open the Word of God through the Spirit's power in such a way, that they might say the reverse

    Thanks for the Rabbi Ribeye reference. I have a good pastor-friend, who would often introduce me to his friends as Rabbi Schlomo Glickstein, pastor/teacher/tennis player – currently ranked 548th in the world!


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