Saturday, February 20, 2010

Peer Amid the Pyramids with Corky

Corky told us his favorite TV game show was the $100,000 Pyramid. So we sent him to Egypt. Here he is seen asking for directions to the pyramids not realizing they are directly behind him. Corky told us that he did a research paper on both Pyramid schemes and Maslow's pyramid of needs. This was a difficult day for Corky because he was caught in a sand storm and blown like a tumbleweed for over thirty seven miles. It's a good thing he has plenty of water stored away inside his costume! It's a lonely job sometimes.


  1. Is this the new picture for the Thompson Chain Reference Bible?

  2. Corky met an old Gnostic Rosicrucian Monk who enligthened him on the mathematical wonders of the Great Pyramids. After hours of whirling mathematical calculations quoteth the old Gnostic:

    "In view of the fact that all number is perfectly interconnected, principally exhibited within the Giza Pyramid complex, the options being myriad, there being no one technique to indicate the interconnections. Therefore the following “numbers” are most definitely not the sole options, neither is the manner/order via which I employ them the sole options, we may perhaps throw in the proverbial “kitchen-sink” it will create no discrepancy whatsoever, additional numbers of import will ceaselessly emerge."

    Corky was so impressed his mouth filled with sand from the blowing wind!

  3. @,
    Funny you should mention that...Book publisher, Macky Montego, who came up with the idea for The Thompson Chain Smokers Reference Bible, asked if he could use that photo for the archeology section. It had a release date of 2012 but when they realized there were no "chain smokers" mentioned in the Bible - they stopped all production. Macky Montego is now planning to do a Parallel Bars Study Bible - it is designed to be read by gymnists in training.

  4. The crazy quote came from a real site...the guy had pages of crazy calculations all eqauling Pi!

    Macky Montego always trying to turn a buck. I think he's a confederate of Coddington Borax who is in a symbiotic relationship with an invasive species. Maybe Macky should go find McLaren who is creating...I mean translating the Village Idiot "Voice" right now. Maybe he could make a Thompson Chain reference on McLaren redactions and additions!

    Should really make the KJVer's beside themselves!


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