Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Corky Off the Coast of Costa Rica

Corky Velveeta is seen here frolicking with a giant humpback whale named Annie. Corky tried to teach her a new whale song he wrote himself. It seems she would rather play tag with Corky (who actually floats like a cork in that outfit). It's good to make new friends and enjoy the sun and surf, splashing and singing, sinking and screaming. He will be released from the hospital later today. He told me over the phone his ribs should be pain free by Friday.


  1. "My wounds stink and fester because of my foolishness,"
    (Psalms 38:5)

  2. Was Corky the inspiration for Raffi's "Baby Beluga"?

    "Corky Velveeta in the deep blue sea
    Screams so loud and sinks so deep..."

  3. I like following Corky. He's Fun!
    My nickname was Corky when I was little. Hey, are you gonna eat that Pizza?

  4. Clark, I'm glad you like Corky's travels! As a former Corky yourself, my guess is that you
    would bond pretty fast if you two met someday. He is the perfect mascot for Calvinistic Cartoons.


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