Saturday, February 6, 2010

Eddie Uncovers the Truth in Hong Kong

I have decided to spare you all the scientific details. Let's just say it involved DNA, a box of Spurgeon cigars, a broken Slim Whitefield record and a single tile from an Emergent Scrabble game. After an intensive forty five minutes, I discovered that Ping Wu, who I thought to be a loyal fan, was in reality a double agent! And I awarded him $10,000 for a photo he had sent. He may be traveling under the name of one of his many aliases: Ling Hu, Ming Tu, Wing Mu, Sing Pu or Opie Taylor. His real name is Satchmo Crockett, a known anti-Calvinist.
I will be heading back to Kuwait now that I know the truth. It's been quite a day.


  1. “The devil is in the details!”

    Imagine Slim Whitman Yodeling Train Songs in Hong Kong!

    $10K would make a doubled Presdestinator out of anyone!

    Its much worse than you thought…CTU ran a background check on “Suchmo Crock.” He’s has links to Shaman Yonggi Cho and Kung Pow’s Wimp Lo. It’s a wonder that you got out theologically sound and before “Evil Betty” beat you!

    The Spurgeon cigars was probably the saddest loss!

  2. "SATCHMO CROCKETT???!!!" __Just when you think you know a guy, he turns out to be Satchmo Crockett.

  3. Other Aliases uncovered by CTU:

    Somuch Crock
    Satchelof Crock
    Satch Crockett
    Jimmny Crockett
    Davie Crock
    Kung Po Crockett
    Kung Pow Crock

  4. Apparently the air quality in Hong Kong is not very good.


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