Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Word Association #9

Well, looks like we have number nine in a series of eight. If anyone has a good idea just write me at: calvinist12345@gmail.com
I can't promise I will use it but if I do I will give your credit (not cash) for your idea.
...and it doesn't necessarily have to be a person to make a word association.


  1. John wrote a clear-cut allegory of salvation and the Christian life.

    Paul single handedly clear-cut the entire northern Mid-West.

  2. I was thinking of the unsightly growths on my grandma's feet...

  3. One logged tales of tall Giants of By-Path Meadows.

    One was a Giant of tall tales who logged Meadows in his path.

  4. Forget what I said about a series of eight...or nine...I have received enough ideas to fill a small microwave oven. You'll be seeing more of these in the days to come.


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