Saturday, February 6, 2010

Find the Familiar Face

You have to enlarge the photo to solve the mystery


  1. A "Little Tramp" with the "Prince of Preachers." "We" must include the Sword an Trowel Englishman not th Kinghted one!

  2. He's standing about 3 heads straight down made by the two men who Eddie drew in the cartoon balloons conversation. Is there another famous natural there?

  3. He is the ONLY guy with a beard!
    ...must be an independent Baptist Church...

  4. Wow, that's amazing. I don't know who that guy is who's doing the talking but the little kid in the front with the plaid coat (lower left corner) is ME at the age of 12. How did you get this picture. So there are really three Calvinists in the photo; talking guy, Chuck, and ME.

  5. Thanks, EE!

    It would appear that Mr. Spurgeon was not too impressed by the ambulating girls choir rendition
    of "This Little Light of Mine."


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