Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just for Laughs #81


  1. Quick get Jane Dratz, guest columnist for the Christian Post on the phone! She's been advocating sharing the Christian the faith using interpretive dance!

  2. "But, Poppy, they're just doing what you said."

    "Egads, Millicent! When I said that we should tiptoe through the TULIP-S, I was talking about walking circumspectly through the doctrines of grace in the sovereignty of God... not this!"

  3. "Honestly Robert, what are we to do? They're dancing! And I thought we had raised them to be good fundamentalists...... Are you listening to me Robert?!"

    "Yes Jane, it's just that..... what do you expect? They are listening to 'Tomorrow shall be my dancing day.'"

  4. Well, Fred, you know we can't expect the teens to sit and listen to sound doctrine being taught when they are so moved by the Spirit.


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