Friday, February 26, 2010

Corky Rescued

Corky Velveeta was rescued today by the Calvinistic Cartoons Whirlybird Rescue Team in Fluffenutter, Florida. The car seen speeding below is owned by Fabio Finney, the underboss in the local Arminian Mafia. Shots were fired as they flew off to Corky's next destination. Don't worry folks, the copter escaped with only a scratch.


  1. Fluffenutter is that where the villages are?

  2. Thank God he was not shreded, pureed, or otherwised melted before the Orca whale in Orlando.

    Since, you are close to Miami you become a client of Mike Weston and his sidekicks Fi & Sam. They might help with the Arminian Mafia.

    I don't think Sonny Crockett will come out of retirement.


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