Monday, February 15, 2010

New Look New Offer

With the new look at Calvinistic Cartoons (hope it agrees with all of your aesthetic sensibilities) I am making a brand new offer! One that will be easy for everyone!
The person who makes the millionth comment on this blog will receive a nice, crisp ten dollar bill! That's right! Ten bucks for just making a few comments! Get busy dear readers, there's a ten spot a'waitin'.


  1. I would have thought that you would have inserted your picture on the ten-spot. That would have been more sophisticated, don't you think? One million comments, wow! What a blessing you and this blog have been! God bless you. Oh, you meant one millions comments, not one million words - ok I stop now...

  2. Thanks Gregg...just keep writing!
    That Hamilton bill may be yours in another thirty years or so.

  3. At the rate I am going that should be a snap...say ten years for $10! I'd do it for less! Thanks for the highlight of my day!


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