Thursday, February 25, 2010

Letter from Lewis


  1. Is this the guy who also wrote:

    The Magician's Third Cousin Once Removed,

    Pilgrim's Retread,

    The World's Next-To-the-Last Night,


    God in the Jury Box?

    Or, am I confusing him with someone else?

  2. Rumor has it that Lewis is also writing "That Hideous Striped Sweater " and "Till We Have Facebook".

  3. Until We Have Fasciitis

    The Voyage of the Down-Trodden (Part 3 of his Knarniah series)

  4. I see you have all read C. S. Lewis! And C. S. Lewis!

  5. @ Andy, help me out here.

    Now, is that "Plantar Fasciitis," (an inflamation of the arch and heel of the foot), or is it "Planter's Fasciitis," where your toes resemble peanuts?

    I was never sure which one C.S. Lewis was referring to in his title.

  6. Don't forget Lewis' exciting aquatic adventure:

    A Horseshoe Crab and his Buoy

  7. The new Ronco CS Lewis Library presents for just $19.95 if you call 1-800-CSLEWIS today and tell the operator the special code Calvinistic Cartoons you'll receive:

    The Problems with Pain (an expostion on growing old)

    Great Divorces (a practical, Christian "how to" manual)

    Mirror Chrsitians (a critique of the worldly Church)

    George McDonald: A Mythology (the moving story of his brother the EC youth pastor-Ronald)

    Shadow Bands (a critique of Contemporary music)

    and 29 other titles.


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