Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fan Letter from Kip D

Dear Eddie,
Like, dude, you mentioned in a previous post that Satchmo Crockett (aka Ping Wu) was a DOUBLE agent. Then you went on to explain that he was an anti-Calvinist. Well, Bozo, if he were a double agent that would make him a Calvinist! Do you only have HALF a brain?
Peace out,
Kip D

Dear Mr. Crankypants,
I meant to say that he was working a double shift...and yes, I am right-brained, although my doctor says I show left-brained tendencies at times. Thanks for writing. Your kind of letters keep me on my toes - which can be very painful when you're jogging on concrete. Don't stop writing! It proves you are a man of letters.
Peace in,


  1. "Well Eddie, let go of me! I think you're bruisin' my neck meat! I mean things are getting pretty serious right now. I mean, Suchmo and I chat online for like two hours every day so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious."

    Hey Eddie,

    I wrote my Arminian Love Song from God to us. Tell me what you think?

    "Why do you love me? Why do you need me? Always and forever... We met in a chatroom, now our love can fully bloom... Sure the world wide web is great, but you, you make me salivate... I love technology, but not as much as you, you see... But I STILL love technology... Always and forever. Our love is like a flock of doves, flying up to heaven above... always and forever, always and forever... Why do you need me? Why do you love me? Always and forever..."

    Peace Out!


    PS So when's grandma coming back?

  2. Someone contact's evident from the recent comments that Kip D has hacked into his computer and is using his name and avatar to slip in mucho commentos.
    Peace in.

  3. Thanks for the warning Eddie...It was so strange finding your avatar so hacked!

    I had a similar experience late last year with a strange fellow named Zeezrom. Both went on and on about "The Prophet?"

    Both had some Mormon connection of some sorts! "I hate all the orphans in the WHOLE WORLD!"

    I've changed my password so Kip can't hack it again!

    Peace Out!


    PS "You gotta be kidding me. Everything you just said, is MY favourite thing to do, every day!"


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