Thursday, February 4, 2010

Corky at Mount Rushmore

Corky finally made it to Mount Rushmore near Keystone, South Dakota. He texted us and explained his delay was due to bad weather and his horse needing new shoes. He discovered that Payless Shoes didn't carry footwear for large, single-toed mammals.  
This magnificent Presidential Memorial is not to be taken for granite. It was an ideal place to drum up new members and talk to the Lakota Sioux about Calvinistic Cartoons.
Corky has asked that his future whereabouts not be mentioned beforehand. He wants to surprise readers with his places of destination so that the "game" is not compromised.
One individual approached Corky at Murphy's Bridle and Feed Store and said, "Cotton Adams is a Calvinist". That man, Tom Joad, received a check for one thousand dollars on the spot. That's the way this game is played. So remember to look for a man dressed like a giant grenade. He might be in your neighborhood tomorrow.
And please report any impostors that may be disguised as a Romans 9 grenade.
Thank you.


  1. If he can write such checks, why didn't he rent a car instead of using a large nearly bare-toed mammal?

  2. Read the last installment, "Corky at Trailer Park". Corky is inspired by a Cotton Adams historical marker. Corky likes to take his time. (as you will discover in a few weeks)

  3. So he's "Back in the Saddle Again?"

    Wonder if the lyrics from that song would produce the "Da Vinci Code" with McLaren's marginal notes if repeated 71 times?


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