Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bottom Line


  1. James S. Spiegel has a new book out that makes this point very well. It is entitled "The Making if an Atheist: How Immorality Leads to Unbelief

  2. Sounds interesting! Most of the time behind the theological problem is a moral problem.

  3. This is a terrible assumption! It doesn't set people up for dialogue on the subject of hell nor does it acknowledge the complexity of the discussion. What if the "personal interest" of someone happens to be for others? This is generally the case. And anyone who does believe in Hell should share this personal interest--that they love people, even the ones who may be suffering the torment of the curse of sin, the way God loves them... enough that he could never forget about them.

  4. Thanks for your comment Wes. The purpose of the statement was to reveal a motive that a lost person may not realize. Most one sentence statements don't "acknowledge the complexity" of ANY discussion. I DO believe it can be used as a springboard to jump into a conversation about Hell with anyone. Just read that one sentence to an unbeliever and see if you don't spark some thought and dialog.
    Hell is a place where God punishes for eternity - holy and justly. Read Revelation 20 (the chapter on the Great White Throne judgment) and you will find NO MENTION of the love of God. God's mercy and grace ends and His holy wrath is poured out on all haters of God's Son.
    Even the angels rejoice at God's justice!
    ...and no one throws themself into Hell. I've heard that so many times in my short life. God is the one who has them bound and cast into the lake of fire. He also keeps the place ignited with His holy wrath.
    You and I will have a different view of things when we are transformed into His likeness. I admit, it's a tough doctrine to think about - and it should cause us to weep for our family and friends. But, God, in His great mercy has chosen MANY and we will shout Hallelujah along with all the redeemed in that Day!


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