Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Subtlety of an Arminian Woman


  1. Lolly Gaggins: See that man, asleep in the seat across the aisle? I hit him with my "whosoever will" burst and his notions about "election" just collapsed. He never knew what hit him.

    Purdy S. Nation: I understand you. If one more raving Arminian comes at me with that same claptrap, out-of-context usage of Scripture to try to argue "free will" I might just collapse too!

    Now, about that book you're about to rip in two; I think there's a much better use of A. W. Pink's "Sovereignty of God" than that.

  2. Sounds like a winner there. She's great marrying material, that guy should go for it. :-D

  3. WOAH! She's dressed up like the Spanish Inquisition.

  4. Wow. Sounds like a wonderful, feminine, godly lady. :-D

  5. @stranger:

    "Nobody expects the Oberlin Inquisition...

    Our chief weapons are fear, surprise, and a fanatical devotion to Charles Finney!"

  6. "Oberlin Inquisition."

    I'm having one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" moments.

    Good one. : )

  7. The paradox of the Arminian Woman: violently removing the will to freely choose Calvinism.


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