Friday, June 17, 2011

Real Records You May Have Missed #38

Paul "Tex" Yearout talks to the NOW generation about the STEREO generation! I have heard about the NOW generation but had no idea that there was a STEREO generation...hmmm, guess Tex prevented it from spreading any further. I wonder how this would sound today. His next album should have been entitled, "Three Strikes and Yearout". Anyone out there who used to be part of the Stereo generation? My copy of this album is in mono.


  1. The National Organization of Women generation?

  2. I'm so glad my Generation got stuck with the vague "X" label and not named after any advancements in home entertainment.

  3. So, let's see, I was born in 1970...I'm not sure what generation that is...Disco?

    BTW - I thought this album was some crazy offing from the depths of Eddie's fertile imagination...but Google tells me it's for real! :D

  4. It's real, I found his obit.

  5. I can't tell if I'm gen Y, the Net generation, or a millennial. I was born in 85.

    This reminds me of our local Church in the Now, which was emergent before emergent was cool, meaning it never was cool.

    I'm so glad you're still doing real records. Those are my favorite.

  6. Okaaaay! Now we're talking 'bout MY g-g-g-generation, so Gen-Xers, listen up.

    One really neat thing about Reverend "tex" was how he would wait for the group to assemble in the shag-carpeted living room; then he would just "pop" out of the fireplace. He would sit on the hearth, dazzle them with a little "Cat's Cradle" fingerwork, then start talking in stereo.

    1960s teens were usually impressed with this kind of stuff; but the Opie Taylor-looking boy (just to the right of Reverend "tex") is thinking, "This is so lame. I can't wait for the Beatles generation to get here."

    FYI 1960s Christian teen groups normally had a 20:1 girl to boy ratio. This is either an atypical gathering in the picture, or it was staged.

    "Way back then" is the new "Now."


  7. I believe that the Stereo generation gave us the "Hi-Fi" slap.

  8. Mr. Yearout came to my school in 1973 and gave a very entertaining and funny speech on some of the things that teenagers at the time were facing..I.e. peer pressure, drugs, sex and most of the things that were associated with the hippy generation..I gave his album to my niece when she grew up and she was very enlightened and entertained as well by his positive attitude towards life and young Americans facing the struggles of the day..He did so much good in his life..


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