Saturday, June 25, 2011

Arminian Antics #58


  1. "I have a plan 'B' and 'D'..."

    What happened to plan 'C'? Oh, that's right... never mind. :D

  2. Yeah, I was wondering that too...

    Nice. ;-)

  3. Me thinks I see Corky. Perhaps he's going to guard CC headquarters.

  4. @ Joe Geeky, you might be right about the seat 4 rows in front. Its occupant looks strangely Khaki/greenish and possibly metalic, and is that a pin I see on his right "shoulder"?

    Btw Khaki?? Is that where the name comes from??

  5. B.F.
    Your doing something that just might get yourself in trouble instead of EE. Weve got something that can make a tulip wilt. I call it The LOAF. The Light Of Arminian Facts

    Scramble the letters and you get FLOAT. Which is what CC will not be doing after it is hit with the Arminian Facts

  6. We have never just "floated" along. Calvinists are known for swimming upstream against the popular theological current.

  7. Agreed, Eddie!
    I personally go with Calvinism simply because it's less popular. Jesus is clear in Matthew 7 that those going to heaven will be on the less popular narrow road. Not that I think my Calvinism saves me, but that I feel like it's as much reliant on the Bible as it can possibly be. Romans 10:17, after all, does say that people will get faith through hearing the Word of Christ.


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