Saturday, June 18, 2011

By Request

Here is a poem, of sorts, that I handed in years ago,
for extra credit in my Minor Prophets class:

Not the Odyssey but "Theodicy"
by Eddie Eddings

Habakkuk the Embracer
Clung to God with his two questions:
Had God vacated His throne?
Should I order my tombstone?
All this violence and contention
Within Judah I might mention.
It seems that justice and devotion
Took a trip across the ocean!

God answers, Judah will be punished
Observe and wonder, be astonished
For I am raising up Chaldeans
Big, bad, ugly human be-uns.

So get this vision little Hab
You can put it on my tab
Sin always carries a heavy price.
I'll crush Babylon like a bag of ice.

Woe, Woe, Woe your boat
Gently down the stream
Return to me with all your heart
I've promised to redeem.

So live by faith and you will see
I've never been an absentee;
The Chaldeans were never fancy-free
I used them like an employee.
They're not getting out of this scot-free
When I "cross my heart" it's a guarantee
So you can have a Jubilee!

P.S. someday I will visit Galilee
My Son will hang upon a tree
That's when you'll really be set free!


  1. Absolutely wonderful rendition on my favorite prophet. Can I have permission to use this at some point in a sermon or Bible study?

  2. I have a Cambridge KJV Wide Margin bible. I considered getting out my old Rapid-0-graph and copying this poem into the margin. (I presently have no notes written in Habakkuk, except that 2:4 is underlined).

    That might not be such a good idea though because of the possibility of the poem somehow "creeping" over into the text itself.

  3. @ Stranger

    I've heard of that happening.

  4. Scott, you can (or anyone else) use it as you see fit.

  5. This is great, Eddie!

    You should record it with Shai Linne or Lecrae.

  6. Good poem, Habs one of my favorite prophets.


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