Sunday, November 7, 2010

Help Me and Help Others

I lost all my bookmarks for FREE Christian books. I (as well as everyone else) could benefit from links like THIS ONE. Would you please post a link or two concerning entire books that are available on line?
I want to thank you in advance for helping this old man who was hit by a techno tornado. A digital library is not a bad thing to have at your fingertips. We can ALL benefit from this if we are willing and able.


  1. Okay, I have a few, but they are the standard ones that everyone probably has (like ccel)

    Some (or all?) of these have links to pages within the others.

  2. Here a few more:


    You can browse by authour, title, subject, language, format, tag.

    I found it by accident because I wanted to quote Spurgeon's morning and evening but I was too lazy to type it out. So I googled the day and this site came up.

    I don't really know anything about it though. Sorry. You'll have to figure it out yourselves.

  4. Ok so I didn't read the other two posts first...and I just saw what Craig wrote.

    Um a lesson from God on humility methinks...

  5. Eddie,
    I am sorry to be just acknowledging your plight but I am just now catching up on my reading. You’re blog has been a great blessing to … well me at least; and I suspect many others as well. If one (me) was of a mind to make a donation to the cause how should they (I) go about it?


  6. Thanks everyone for the new digital library! I hope everyone benfits from these links.

    Anonymous, I thank you for your kindness, but I have mixed feelings about taking a donation for a new computer. Unless you are filthy rich, why not just give to someone in your Church that is really struggling or hurting.
    If you are the guy who started Yahoo or Facebook, then maybe we can talk.
    I do appreciate your prayers though.


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