Monday, November 30, 2009

Meet Vern Naler

I was recently informed by a stranger that Crispen LaMare may not be doing the job he was hired for. Since Crispen never reads blogs I don't have to worry about him knowing. So I have hired me a private investigator, Vern Naler, (seen above) to follow Crispen for the next 24 hours. Vern is an honest fellow, I believe, and has worked with many Presidents. The President of the National Leaf Blowers of America, the President of Vista Print Business Cards, the President of Bar-B-Cutie Pork Rinds, and President of the Bingo League of Tidewillow, Arkansas.
As a test, I had Vern Naler follow someone to see if he would be detected. Unfortunately, that someone was a pearl diver and Vern almost drowned. The pearl diver ended up saving his life. Mr. Naler only charges a penny for the first day, then double the amount the next day - then the next - and so on. His contract is for only a month so I am not worried.


  1. Um, Eddie. Does the term "exponential" mean anything to you? Just thought I'd ask.

  2. Just counting on my fingers, I get $10,737,417 and no cents. I re-checked my math with the fingers on my other hand, and came up with the same figure.

  3. Actually I think it is more to the tune on $5,368,709.00. But I used my toes.

  4. Stranger, I think what you did was base your calculations on a 31 day month. Clearly, no one is that naive to make a deal like that for 31 days. Right?

  5. LURAB

    Thanks for the tip. Next time I get a similar problem I will be sure to base my calculations on a 30 day month, and use your toes.


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