Friday, November 6, 2009

Just for Laughs #50


  1. Do you see, doctor, that by the definition you embrace concerning "free will", you betray yourself, and make it manifest that you either know nothing of these things whatever, or that, without any consideration, and in a mere air of contempt, you speak upon the subject, not knowing what you say nor whereof you affirm? Have you never read any Calvinistic arguments that oppose your opinions? I dare say, not. For your statements reveal as much.

    Now give it to me straight, I on the mend or do I spend another night in feverish misery?

  2. "Please tell me the truth, doctor. Am I finally cured of my Arminiosis?"

    "I think I have good news for you, Debbie. The Calvinometer says that you're up to 4 points. Keep reading your Bible, take a dose of Calvinist Cartoons every 4-6 hours, and by tomorrow, I think you'll be a 5 pointer."

  3. Dont't worry Marla. You have a touch of the Arminian Flu. It will lose its hold in a few days and fall away...

  4. Please Doctor, tell me, who sinned that I would have this flu? What choice do I need to make so I can be well? I'll do anything, anything at all.


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