Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Arminian Encyclopedia


  1. This is a cash only purchase...there are no A.E. I.O.U.'s

  2. This was in consonant with the code for the: Arminian Ebullient Irenical obfuscation ubiquitously, a secret society exposed by Dan Brown in his book "Devils of Dordt."

    Though not a true polemic, these agitated Pelgians were nevertheless always concealing the meaning of their communications by making them more confusing everywhere thus making it impossible to win in disputations.

  3. Famous Villans of the "Devis of Dordt" exposed by Dan Brown:

    Finneyan Caroligianus: A violent AEIOUer of the 19th century famous for burning over districts.

    Wesleyanus Johannine: A Holy Clubus Maximus AEIOUer of the 18th Century famous for introducing perfectionation.

    Jakob Harmenszoon: The famous father of all AEIOUers from the 17th Century


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