Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Feature Announcement

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  1. SKEETER: Hey, Biff! Did ya hear what Eddie Eddings is doin' at Calvinistic Cartoons?

    BIFF: Nope. Same ol' Arminian schtick? So tell me, what's the action, Jackson?

    SKEETER: He's goin' through all the old art an' photos an' we can take part by writin' quips, quotes, jabs, an' jokes!

    BIFF: No foolin', Skeets?!? Yowza!!! That's the BIGGEST news since D.L. Moody confessed to believin' 3 points of Calvinism!

    SKEETER: Wow! D.L. Moody admitted to 3 points? When did that happen?

    BIFF: Ain't sayin'. These Tu-Lips are sealed... an' I'll see YOU in the funny papers-

    SKEETER: -in the Calvinistic funny papers, you mean! *wink*


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