Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Good For You!


  1. Okay, before all you bloggers start jumping all over me...the ad just says "More Doctors read..."
    ..not more "PEOPLE". so there.

  2. ...anyway, this ad was as much of a surprise to me as to everyone else! My cracked team of researchers discovered this ad, which ran in Humpty Dumpty magazine and Popular Mechanics, was sponsored by the CADS (Calvinistic Association of Doctors Society).

  3. [Dr. Emerson J. Peabody, III]: "Hey moms, Calvinistic Cartoons are chock-loaded with real gycerin-vibrafoam. It don't just get your kids' heads clear and minds right, it cleans the whole system out, right on down the line...

    "... so pour yourself a good ol' cup o' joe, an' get on it an' do it like I do, every day: read Calvinistic Cartoons!

    "Just remember what the orderlies down at the Old Mill Road sing..."

    [Disorderly Orderlies of the Radically Depraved w/the Limited Atonement Orchestra *singing*]:
    "Oooooo, it ain't no use
    if you ain't got the boost:
    The boost you get from Eddings..."

    [Announcer, Don Pardo]: Calvinistic Cartoons: the all-weather theology!

  4. ...Don Pardo...that's great! "The All-Weather Theology"...that's genius!

  5. I just now realized (over a year later) that I was predestined to leave a word out of this ad...and I was also predestined not to fix it.


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