Monday, November 16, 2009

The Concert


  1. This crowd, enticed with free Pizza for the Purpose Driven 101 Class, was not easily entertained by the worship selections from the Scottish Psalter.

    Thinking quickly on her feet, PDC Worship leader, Margret Stemple Hyde, broke out of the box and closed the song portion of worship with some DC Talk and break dancing.

  2. Oh, come on, I like that song! Seriously, let's not get mixed up here. Entertainment like TobyMac is just that; entertainment. Most folks don't suggest doing this stuff on Sunday mornings. But for a Saturday night concert, what's wrong with having a good time in which through the course of the night the name of Christ is exalted. And, yes, I've been to several of "those kinds" of concerts. The songs may not all match up to Isaac Watts, but Christ is praised, and it's not the filth you'd hear elsewhere.
    OK, bring on the condemnation....

  3. Scott, I'm not condemning the song. I actually have never heard it. I just thought the title was funny and given the classical setting - it made the joke even funnier.


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