Sunday, November 29, 2009

Meet Crispin LaMare

I needed a public relations man, and Crispin LaMare was the only one who answered my ad in the Mall Street Journal. Publicity is something hard to get when you need it and easy if you don't. Crispin is an expert at PR work. He can say a great deal about nothing or say nothing about a great deal.
He wrote commercials for Winky Dink Plastic Drawing Screens for the Television Set. He created the warning labels for Slip & Slides and has written a TV pilot entitled, "The Crispin LaMare Show". His latest vanity press book is co-authored by Frank Perettios and is about vampire lemmings during the gold rush of 1849. He has ghost written a half dozen Christian novels about the Endtimes. Larry and Katrice Endtimes, a couple with an unusual last name who get framed for contempt of court.
Mr. LaMare has agreed to help me publicize Calvinistic Cartoons, so he may be calling on you for help in the near future. He tells me that by the end of my life, I should see a bright light and that I should follow that light. He says he knows what he is talking about since his entire life is a near-death experience.
I welcome any new ideas from Crispin. And I hope you won't think he is intruding when he knocks on your door at 3 A.M. to convince you to help promote CC.
Thank you and have a great couple of hours.


  1. Thanks for alerting me, Eddie, but Mr. LaMare has already paid me a personal visit. He promised that for [a certain sum of money] I would see a dramatic increase in the number of comments on my blog. Hungry for comments, I went for it.

    Since then, I have been getting scores of comments, all of them from a "Mr. Limpet" who addresses me as "Sucker-in-a-Strange-Land." (Probably a typo).

    Btw, he never mentioned anything about Calvinistic Cartoons to me.

  2. Thanks for the info...I may have to fire him and hire someone else. Let me hire someone to do some investigating first.


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