Monday, November 9, 2009

Just for Laughs #52

Remember the old days when the family dressed up to watch TV? Well neither do I.
But a small caption might explain why this is such a big deal.


  1. "We have a little while before we have to leave for the evening service. Let's give a listen to this young preacher, Billy Graham. I hope he doesn't say anything crazy, like telling the people that their salvation depends on their decision."

  2. Aww, dad, can't we stay just a little longer after this Billy fella preaches... Nevada Slim is going to be on Cavalcade of Calvary Stars... besides, that new assistant pastor, Brother Warren, gives me the creeps every time he starts telling us kids how he's gonna change the way we do church...

  3. It was the first night his family had a television that a young James Baker come up with a way to be rich and famous, all while appearing to be concerned for the eternal welfare of the people who would watch his show.


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