Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just for Laughs #56


  1. "Listen closely...can't talk too loud. I'm at Slade's Cafe. I've got the Dawson gang up against the wall; they're heavily armed and they don't know yet that my gun is completely empty. Have everybody pray REALLY HARD for me, and see if you can sneak a box of .38s in to me pronto." ..."God bless you, too, Sammy."

  2. Cowboy pastor, Ringo Taylor, always carried a gun when he made long distance calls...just in case he was held up on the phone.

  3. Clem was getting frustrated while trying to contact the operator that wa supposed to be "standing by" so he could get his copy of Against Calvinism. He was so angry he was about to shoot the phone.


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