Friday, March 20, 2009

What If?

What if God had not intervened in John MacArthur's life? There is no doubt he would have become JMac the Bible Rapper. He got Book. He got style. He got the boom box on a free trial.
Can anyone out there think of a good rap for Mr. Mac?

John...ya know I loves ya guy! You have blessed my socks off many a time!
I am thankful, as you are, that God gotcha.
Peace out my brutha!

My thanks to Sir Brass for inadvertently giving me this idea!


  1. I was expecting to find a link to the John MacArthur Rap. As I can't see it I feel compelled to link to it: John MacArthur Rap (MP3)

  2. Thanks Nathan...LOL...that was perfection with a capital 7

  3. Oh Eddie there are going to be emails about this one.

  4. MacDaddy the gangsta-gospel rapper! This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!

  5. Thanks Pastor Jim, but instead of a "gangsta"-gospel rapper...JMac would like to be known more as a "thanksta"-gospel rapper.

  6. Heh heh, I wasn't expecting this one, though in hindsight it should've been obvious.

    Love it, brother :). Made me chuckle pretty hard after church this past Lord's Day.

  7. Ok, This one is a little scary. What if John MacArthur (J-Mac) had gone Emergent in order to 'reach' the culture.

    Read with a rhyming meter...

    My name is Johnny Mac and here to say
    Get your jam on and enjoy the day
    Universalism is the way for me
    Party all the time with no Hell to flee
    Everyone's ending works out the same
    No Bible thumpers puttin' you to shame
    U-B-U, Ev'ry body say U-B-U, dog...

    J-Mac on the mic say'n peace out, homes...

  8. i sent this post to a friend of mine who's husband is studying at masters. she sent me this back:

    it's a rap tune made by some students there.


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