Friday, January 16, 2009

Caption Contest Winner #6

Angus W. Duncan you da man!
Your Calvinistic comment was the cream of the crop!
Zack came in a very close second.

Pilgrim Mommy - could I have your permission to use your "Dixie" lyrics for a new contest series?

(My apologies that no award winning certificate has been posted yet. My computer's "pacemaker" is about to flatline. The monitor blue-screens and crashes way too often. I was plugging and unplugging, booting and rebooting, I even tried mouth to motherboard to no avail. It is also possible I didn't pay my bill. Anyway, I wasn't able to get on the internet at home this morning so, I am writing this during my break at the office. I do not have Photoshop here so pray that my 'puter is resuscitated before I arrive home this evening. Thanks guys! You all deserve a certificate!)


  1. Wow! I'd just like to thank Eddie Eddings, Sweet Tater McSpoon, and the Calvinistic Cartoons community for this amazing honor. Frankly, it was an honor just to be grouped with the likes of zack, pilgrim mommy, pastorharold, and david.

    I'd like to dedicate this win to my mother, Dorina Faye Duncan, who made me practice my caption writing every morning after I finished my oatmeal.

    You like me, you really like me!

  2. That was a wonderfully inspiring speech...and your certificate will be posted within the next six hours. Congratulations! (My wife informed me that I should have unplugged the modem from the wall socket and waited a few minutes before plugging it back in. So I am back up and running.)

  3. Congratulations, Angus! I knew that oatmeal was good for cholesterol but didn't know that it was good for humor as well.

    Eddie, please feel free to use the "Dixie" ditty for another contest.


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