Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Nathan Bingham's comment is a great concern to me. I, in my ignorance, had no idea this blog appeared any different than what I see. Please read his statement:
"... just a comment regarding your formatting. For those readers who subscribe via RSS, our background is white and we therefore cannot read most of your posts as you select a plethora of colours, many very light.
This has meant that although I subscribe, I very rarely am able to read your posts, as I don't always have the time to click through to read them at your site."

Here is the test - and I need feedback from those who use RSS - let me know which of the colors listed below is easy to read (just list the letters in your response):



  1. I can see k-t clearly enough in my RSS reader. The preceding letters are too pale to view comfortably unless I highlight them. I am using Google Reader.

  2. Thanks Ruben,
    Let me assure everyone who uses RSS...I will never use those cursed light fonts again. I will try and change the older posts when I have the opportunity. (some seem to be locked in place and can't be changed)...and for those who would like to participate in the contest below -- please read my re-posting of the rules in the comment section. Thanks again everyone!

  3. B is the most visible for me in my RSS reader (Google). It still takes some effort though.

    Here's a tip to readers: if you can't see the text well on your RSS reader, use your mouse to highlight the words -- they'll then appear as white on blue and therefore easier to read.

  4. B's are what I see best in RSS--not great, but best.

    Isaiah--you're a genious! Well, maybe a slight exaggeration. But thanks for the excellent tip!

  5. Just a note so Ruben doesn't look like he is joking...I had posted dark letters k-t at first. I removed them two minutes after I posted them. Ruben was fast on the trigger!

  6. Is part of the problem that you are formatting your text within the posts, instead of using an external style sheet? My text is not all black on my blog, but because I format using external CSS, the RSS reader leaves it as plain black text on a white background.

    @Isaiah: Great tip!

  7. Nathan, thanks for the advice. I am sure someone with a lot more intelligence than I will be able to use it someday. I don't have a clue what I am doing...and I had to look up RSS just to find out what the heck that was! But, I promise this --
    All future entries will be a vast improvement for you and all RSS peeps everywhere!

  8. Seriously Ed if you want my opine white background with black letters is the best. The just decorate around it.

  9. You're all very welcome, brethren.

    Eddie, it does look like the problem's solved -- I see your blog in my RSS reader as black text on white now. Thanks, bro!


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