Friday, January 9, 2009

Suggestion Box

From time to time I will post a Suggestion Box to open up the forum on how I might improve this site. Be as honest as a Calvinist in a room full of vegetarians. (I don't know what that's just the cadence that appeals to me). If you want to see more characters developed, or more eliminated...or more caption contests and less trivia. If you like things the way they are. Whatever is on your mind, speak it or better yet, type it. I want this blog to succeed like a circuit rider on a Six Flags roller coaster. (...again, makes no sense...just like the pacing). It's still early...I need more coffee...


  1. The female thinks you should hand out certificates for years of faithful following. Especially considering the hazards of following, as each year increases your chances of dying another time.

    Also that you should sell coasters with varying prophecies of Baklava Koos Koos for those literate animals who have everything.

    She likes the trivia and the cartoons very much. It's a welcome break from intense online banking.

  2. Thanks for the comment...BKK coasters? Not a bad idea. I'll put that on the back burner since that part of my stove no longer works.

  3. We enjoy this site very much but we especially like Baklava Koos Koos, the contest, and the trivia. I wish the Prince of Preachers game was for real and available for Mac.

  4. I have been thinking about this a bit in odd moments when I am hanging up a dishrag. I'm a big fan and actually do keep up with the blog in my reader even when I don't comment (I've been highlighting the text that doesn't show up on the white: it appears in color against the highlight): I don't like to leave anything in your folder unread. I'm also a big fan of Dilbert and wondered what you think about the method in Scott Adam's way of doing things -- he seems likely to have done a lot of research about it, and has made a success of Dilbert online. I get Dilbert's daily strip emailed to me every day: it seems to come in at pretty much the same time daily and I always read it when it comes in. I have things in my reader that I might find more worth reading, but I don't read many of them so regularly because they are often irregular/I never know when they're coming etc; they often come in an overwhelming pile when they do come in; and because I have to go into my reader to access them. (I open my reader every few days, and then only read through a couple of blogs in a session, and often have to leave entries unread). I know there are sites where you can add your blog feed, like Feedburner, that have an option for people to receive things in their email, if someone prefers that. Maybe there is a way to get a regular feed emailed that I don't know about; but I would definitely sign up to get this blog in email format (& I wouldn't for many blogs I try to occasionally read -- I'm content to let a lot of things go unread if it comes to that).

    I would think that doing things that way even though it is kind of minimalistic, tends to guard Scott Adams' creativity over the long run as well as the short attention span of dogs and housewives? But that is only a very tentative suggestion as I have *not* put a lot of thought in the cartoon business. I can only speak as a fan of this cartoon and others, and a housewife who doesn't keep up with online things very regularly on my own because of not having a computer day job etc.

    But my husband does have a computer day job & is very happy to have several things come in irregularly throughout the day into his reader.

  5. Thanks for those well thought out words! I am still in a learning process when it comes to "blogging with the best." In other words, I don't know what I'm doin' half the time.


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