Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baklava Koos Koos # 3

I was floating peacefully on my back, down the River of Rhodan, when a voice came from a small cloud overhead:
"Memorize what I will tell you, then gargle with fresh salt water and the oil of Hyssop. When the next full moon occurs, you will find an albino camel drinking from the Marsh of Medeba. Buy it from the owner, a Bedouin by the name of Tobakki. In fact, buy the whole pack of camels. When you arrive at the Village of Valkilmer, sell them to a local merchant for twice the price. Then you will have enough moola to donate half to the School of Prophets and half to the non-prophet organization known as The Samsonites. You keep ten percent of the gross and buy yourself a new robe…or, at least, clean the one you have for crying out loud! I'll get back to you later...I gotta travel to the planet Mongo for a conference. Peace out."

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