Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Letter Department

Dear Eddie,
I need your advice on this very awkward situation. There is a certain "blogger" who has a certain "theological world view" that I do not possess myself. I love his "humor" and his "cartoons" are funny but, sometimes he "preaches" a little too much on "five" areas of "doctrine" I don't agree with. I happen to attend the Okeedokee Free Will Baptist Church of Tupelo, Mississippi and would like "him" to read my new pop-up book: "I Ain't No Puppet and I Ain't No Robot!". Do you think "he" would mind me sending it to "him" and charging him for the postage?
Your semi-fan,
Ludloe Moots

Dear Ludloe,
I think "he" has already read your book. "He" picked it up at a garage sale last week. My advice to you is to do a study on Romans 9, John 10, John 17 and Ephesians chapter one as soon as possible! But, I must say, you have "inspired" me to write a pop-up book. A pop-up book to refute you own.
Will anyone out there in Lala Land help me with a working title?


  1. "Henry Porter and The Choice Is Your Own."
    (This could draw some of the Harry Potter crowd)

  2. How about a pop-up version of "The Mortification of Sin"? It would be a great baby shower gift in combination with the Little Calvinist sippy cup.


    "The Little Reformers Alphabet Book"
    Little calvinists could learn their ABC's by learning about Alleine, Bunyan, Calvin.... Zwingli.
    (Of course I don't if there are any reformers whose last names begin with I, Q, X or Y!)


    A board book version of the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit

  3. Um, Eddie... I think you're going to have to give Pilgrim Mommy another toaster.Funny!

  4. You just need a book with a pop-up tulip and Scripture references. I bet Hallmark would buy it.


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