Friday, January 9, 2009

Baklava Koos Koos #4

I was riding my camel, Mazel Tov, when a thick fog surrounded me. I heard a voice from behind call my name. I turned and saw no one. As I dismounted, I saw a glowing man standing in the middle of two trees. When he spoke, I felt the hair on my arms stand up as if to listen.

"Baklava…Baklava Koos Koos…I am Philius, the angel of thick fog. Do not be afraid. I have come to give you EIGHT Clues that contain an important message. Interpret the hidden command correctly, and you will receive a brand new camel saddle complete with multi-colored blankets and an monogrammed water bottle made from the skin of the Saiga Antelope.

Wigs are nothing but false hoods...avoid them throughout your life.

Adam was the first person singular. The first thing he planted in the Garden of Eden was his feet.

Shadows are the only things that never cast a shadow.

Hay is grass ala mowed.

Fires make light of everything.

Eve was a wonderful first mate who kept her husband in stitches.

Eyes, if blackened by an enemy, are nothing but a pair of socks.

The mosquito is a small insect designed by God to make us think better of the fly.

You have the clues in front of your eyes
You may need help from some who are wise."

I figured this out within minutes. I know the problem is how do I interpret the meaning?
Can anyone help me with this?


  1. The interpretation is given thusly:

    The thick fog which rose up and surrounded you, beloved, was the impenetrable stench from your own clammy and bemired feet. Do not blame the camel! Heed the acrostic hidden within the eight clues and find temporary relief, then flee to Dr. Scholl for the cure. Your camel and Mrs. Koos Koos will thank you.

  2. Yes. I had to take some time for some REM so BK would appear to me and confirm your hypothesis. His main question was if he was to begin a ministry of feet washing or just wash his own feet. He quickly discovered his answer when he shod his sheep skin shoes. Thank goodness you can't smell things in your sleep.

  3. The number of clues equals the number of years you should leave your beard unshaven. The saiga antelope will rise up out of the sea. The rest is an excerpt from 'Notes on the Wasteland'. I would suspect that the glowing man was T. S. Eliot, slightly delirious after wandering in the desert without a necktie.

  4. This is another favorite. My DD and I recite the clues whenever we see a wig store.


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