Saturday, January 24, 2009

And Then There Were 35

I had 36 followers an hour ago...and now 35. I suspect murder. There are many Arminians out there who are trying to rid the world of "those crazy Calvinists". Atheists who would like to see us six feet under or wearing cement shoes at the bottom of the ocean. Well, you are not going to get away with this! I know some people who know some people and they will stand with me on this issue. When one Calvinist falls, two will take his/her place. That you will see, fowl murderer...that you will see.


  1. "fowl murderer..."

    That's what they called Colonel Sanders, but I don't know if he was Arminian or not.

  2. I'm sure its my fault. I get blamed for everything. Its always my fault. The San Andreas is my fault.

    I knew I shouldn't have plugged your blog today.

    Hey, I had an anonymous commenter tonight who called me a faggot.

  3. Thanks guys for your support...I am beginning to think this plot originated either in the Vatican or by someone who worked at Circuit City!

  4. Well I haven't left, I just couldn't think of a funny line for the last cartoon.


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