Friday, January 16, 2009

Baklava Koos Koos #5

I was washing my feet in the murky waters of the Kuru River when I fell into a deep sleep. I found myself in a large, empty room with no roof, that seemed to be suspended in the clouds. Suddenly, there appeared in the center of the room, an earthen bowl with letters floating in broth. The letters spelled out the name, "Razzendahcuben". A door swirled into view and an angel stepped through with an immense, short-handled mallet. He spoke in a melodious whisper.
"This is for you Baklava Koos Koos".
Then he pointed to a box with several holes on the surface.
"Try and hit as many gophers as you can!"
Then, one by one, gopher-like dolls popped up only to descend again. I managed to hit thirty two out of forty (the number of testing). Lights starting flashing, bells rang out, little bits of multi-colored parchment burst from on high and floated down on my humble frame.
The angel pulled back a curtain that appeared out of nowhere revealing a horse.
"This is your prize! You have won an oats-mobile."
I awoke from my sleep and wept…for I had no prize…and my sandals were missing.
I think I might need some help in the interpretation. Do YOU have the ability to interpret dreams?


  1. "Razzendahcuben" maybe someone's name spelled backwards...

  2. Probably foreshadowing prosperity preachers. I love the Oatsmobile.

  3. There is a lesson to be learned here: If you must wash your feet in the murky waters of the Kuru River, first drink a cup of extra strong espresso to help you STAY AWAKE.


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