Saturday, January 10, 2009

Create a Calvinistic Cartoon Caption #6

Fiddle-dee-dee! Why it's that little ol' Caption Contest time again. The one who creates the best caption will receive their certificate on January 16th, 2009. And don't worry if you don't come up with something directly. After all... tomorrow is another day.


  1. Dorothy, congratulations for coming in 1st place in the bake-off! Please accept this miniature windmill in lieu of a blue ribbon. And yes, my brothers and I will gladly follow you and Aslan back to Narnia!

  2. They used to gather round the Dean of Westminster West's daughter and sing all the old, doctrinally approved love songs: "You Are My Predestiny", "Take All My Electives", "Honka Honka Burning Heretics".

  3. Before he let her date, Phil Johnson made his daughter promise to always carry a 'Bad theology' and 'Really bad theology' and 'Really really bad theology' detecting device, cleverly hidden in a small windmill.

  4. Did someone use bacon grease insted of Dapper Dan in their hair? A lion is coming up behind us and I want suddenly have a craving for the Waffle House!

  5. Arminian mastermind Charles Finney secretly releases his attack lion while his accomplice, Brenda Lee Perkins, distracts the Dutch Reformed men's group with a pretty smile and a toy windmill.

  6. I laughed so hard I developed ventricular tachycardia. It's a good thing paramedics were at the door asking for donations. They used a defibrillator on me three times before I was back to normal.

  7. It's a good thing I have hired Sweet Tater McSpoon, an old preacher friend I met in the hills of Tennessee, to judge the contest this week...this would be difficult to choose.

  8. A historic photo of the Decision Creek Glee Club (famous for their theme song sung to the tune of 'Dixie').

    I'm glad I am Arminian!
    Today, I'll say
    On Finney's words I'll take my stand
    That it's my choice that saved me!
    My will is free, I'm glad I am Arminian!
    So go away, don't bother me, you Calvinist!

    (BTW, is this the 6th contest?)

  9. sung to the tune of "Camptown Races"
    Pilgim mommy you were right
    Tu-lip Tu-lip
    Helped me to improve my site
    That's the TULIP way!

    Made a major goof
    I am living proof
    Things go wrong from time to time
    O doo-da daaaaaay!

  10. Lying? Who's lying? Heeeeeeehaaaaaahaaaaaaa!

  11. @Angus W. Duncan

    What do you mean by calling Charles G. Finney an Arminian mastermind. He was 110% Pelagian. In fact, he out-Pelagian'd Pelagius himself.

    Craig Boyd


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