Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Didn't See This Coming!

Has anyone seen this program? I would like to know a few more details. It was aired during the Super Bowl so I don't think many watched it.


  1. Here is a little trivia for you: The only continent that has no ants starts with "ant". The Antarctica.

  2. I was able to obtain a copy and view it. When he first showed up in Antarctica he reassured the penguins not to worry, God was just as surprised to find him on the frozen continent as they were. They trampled him to death. Then there was a public message from Gomer Pyle, spokesperson of HOPELESSS (Hope of Openess: People's Evangelical Liason with Eventualities:Suhprise Suhprise Suhprise), reassuring the viewers that God was baffled. The earth opened and Gomer was unexpectedly swallowed up. Everything went black and the cameraman started screaming. I comforted myself that it wasn't God's will and finished my popcorn. It was pretty sketchy and confusing. Scriptless narration. However there are several episodes: I only watched the first.

  3. Thanks Zack for the valuable info. I do remember someone saying that as Gomer was falling headlong into the abyss he said, "Shazam".

  4. What a testimony in the face of disaster. They say 'Shazam' is the Open Theist's 'Amen'. A Job-like reaction from Gomer; a sort of 'Though he is just as surprised as I am yet will I still be just as surprised.'

    By the way, Episode 2 was more of a success. The open theist lived long enough to teach the penguins that great passage from Psalm 2: He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh nervously and wring his hands in confusion. Some of the penguins had previously been evangelized by the charismatics: they started waving their flippers and shouting "Hallelujah! God is not in control!" It was getting pretty wild when a killer whale surreptitiously rode in on seismic wave and ate them all. It was scary. I'm glad the female wasn't watching. I had to peer through my toepads. I got popcorn in my eyes. But I comforted myself that this was not God's will for my popcorn. I was able to hang on and continue watching through burning eye pain because I knew it would all end some way or other.

    there are more but my library doesn't have them and the female is filing a noise complaint with the apartment community because she thinks the neighbor is keeping a killer whale.

  5. We found the third episode at our local library. This was a more heartwarming episode that would appeal to children.
    The open theist is with a group of cute and fuzzy penguin chicks whose mothers have not returned from their long trek back from the ocean. He tells them it's not God's fault if they die of starvation or cold, get eaten by a skua bird, their mothers get eaten by leopard seals or get lost on the ice. This set the chicks crying even harder. He then tried to comfort them by singing a lullaby of "Que Sera Sera". At this time, the mothers returned and fed the hungry chicks. The chicks comforted themselves by telling their moms what the open theist said to them. The mother penguins then comforted themselves by turning en masse and regurgitating bits of fish on the open theist. On the way back to his camp to wash off the fish, the open theist fell into a large chasm in the ice and was never seen again.

    BTW, I loved the quote from Psalm 2. Was it from the YGIAGAM version (Your Guess Is As Good As MIne) or the contemporary IDB (I Dunno Bible)?

  6. Pilgrim Mommy,

    What an episode, and what a great hymn (Que Sera Sera).

    Those are solid versions. Though personally I prefer the 'Fifth Columnist's Study Bible' the hermenuetical principle of which is mostly to see Rahab in every text. However this quote was taken from one of the Open Theists 'choose your own adventure' versions: the IYOD (Impose Your Own Deity).

  7. This is truly funny material! It's "comicality at it's crest!"

  8. From now on penguins and open theism will be inextricably linked in my mind.


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