Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tulip Redefined by Emergents

One of the fan photographers, Mittens Maguire, sent this to our offices in Kuwait. She was vacationing in Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky when she spotted this billboard. Thanks, Mittens. We will be sending you a nice fat check or $7,000 for your help with this blog.


  1. Wow. It's amazing how these heretic types always seem to gravitate toward the similar fonts.

  2. Yes, you're right Billy. They are the "type" who use the best for their devious purposes.

  3. This must be a new sign. The last time I was through there on the way to see family in Possum Trot I didn't see this sign. Sorry to see the EC folks have gotten so close to home.

  4. I have heard they will put up a sign and tear it down the same day!

  5. It's not a sign, it's a conversation...

    Don't laugh about Possum Trot, I know of such a place in SC. I also know of a place named Turkey Paw.

    The EC is like the flu... it lies dormant for a while then pounces on unsuspecting towns...

  6. I wasn't joking about Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky. There really is such a place.

  7. I posted this on my Facebook and one of my friends made up his own "Emergent TULIP":

    Totally ecumenical
    Utterly abominable
    Land you in hell
    Interpret everything through a social lens
    People pleasing NONSENSE

  8. Jason, Vanessa, ask if I can use that @ CC. I will give credit to the author of the acronym as well.

    I noticed you live in Texas! My former residence was fairly close to you, in McKinney. (Also lived in Mesquite, Mabank, Kemp, Gun Barrel City, Houston and Conroe.)

    Families - check out their "Good Times Delgado Style" blog! It will bless your heart.

  9. New Emergent mnemonic:



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