Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Neo-Amish

Dear Eddie,
We are the Neo-Amish. We have broken away from the old school of Amishness and have changed a few things to better our future. We use computers, but they are powered by kerosene. We wear our own style of clothes, shoes and hats. We have kept the traditional suspenders for religious reasons.
We are a sub group of the Anabaptists with a slight twist - we will punch your lights out if ye spit at us or hit us with something made of aluminum. Our belief in separation from the world is modified a little. We now can use a taxi if it's raining. The Neo-Amish believe ye can have bean bags as furniture, if the beans inside are home grown. We use musical instruments in our worship and we use muted musical instruments during prayer. The Neo-Amish women not only make quilts and dolls, they make beach towels and ant farms as well.
We want to invite ye and ye're members to come and dine with us this Christmas day if ye aren't doing anything. If anyone does show up, please bring more kerosene so we can maintain our new blog, "Neo-Amish in the House".
Thank ye and may God bless ye, brother Ed.
Your friend,
Moses Bling


  1. Caption:

    The dramatic ministry team at Burst (formerly known as Calvary Baptist Church before they converted to Emergent) decided to reach out to Amish Dr. Suess lovers with a dynamic equivalence interpretation of Acts 10 joined with the classic, Green Eggs and Ham... Fun was had by all even though no one learned anything...

  2. I recommended this blog and it was totally right keep up the fantastic work.

  3. I just love your blog and I think your article is so awesome!! I love antiques and what a way to go green!! I think the towels would just be so adorable also. Thanks for sharing the story about how it was made. Makes it that more special! Take care, Fran.

    Susan Graham


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